Unfortunately, not everything is clear on what is covered under Preventative Care.   Here’s our attempt to clarify the situation from the questions that we receive.

Send us your questions – confidentially at [email protected] or use the reply feature below, you can do this anonymously, only I see your email address.

Quick question: I need to get my eyes checked because my glasses prescriptions are pretty old.  The BC handbook says that eye tests are covered 100% because they are preventive care.   So do I just bring my ID card over to the optometrist to get an eye test?

***I’m not sure what you mean by BC handbook…  Here’s a specimen BC Platinum Evidence of Coverage, see page 92.  I wish people would give me the exact document they are referring to and not their interpretation or worse yet, hearsay about what someone told them.

Members who have current symptoms or a diagnosed health problem will get benefits under the “Diagnostic Services” benefit, not this benefit

HealthCare.Gov on Preventative  I don’t see vision for adults listed.

Are you talking about pediatric vision?

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How are lab – laboratory fees paid under Preventative Care?

***See our Lab Fees page

It’s there ! Look on page 87 of the BC handbook for my plan, code ORYG, vision test for ADULTS (eye test only).

So how do I go get an eye test? So do I just bring my ID card over to the optometrist to get an eye test? or what other way to get it paid for?

***All I can find is eye chart vision screening http://www.anthem.com/ca/provider/f0/s0/t0/pw_b149446.pdf?refer=provider

You are not the only one upset… martineehrenclou.com

Please fax or email me exactly what you are referring to

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