The Rambam on Diet & Hygiene

Try this so your host or the waiter or host knows your full

Dining Etiquette Seminar - Eating Styles
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Try this so your host or the waiter knows your full

Hello – Shalom website visitors.

I just got back from Israel and visited the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which has an exhibit on the Ramban – Maimonides.  

Here’s a link to his laws on diet and nutrition.  It’s amazing that what we hear now, sounds so brand new, but science knew it 1,000 years ago.

Please click and let me know in comments below what you think.

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2 comments on “Rambam on Diet & Hygiene

  1. I especially like Numbers 19 and 23. These old guys were on to something.

    Funny how after 1000 years + The rule of Common Sense and “All Things in Moderation” pretty much sums up some imprtant rules for living.

    Thanks Steve.

  2. The link above on the diet and nutrition is very Interesting;

    but Maimonides doesn’t say people should eat meat, nor that it is OK, just if one does eat meat, what is “healthiest” way.

    Judaism has brochas (blessings) for almost everything, including to thank HaShem (G-d) after bowel movement that everything functioned OK.

    And it has specific prayers of bread/grain, wine/fruit, veggies; but NOT one for meat which was only allowed; but not encouraged after the Flood.

    Rabbi Kook, mentioned in paper, chief Rabbi of Palestine before birth of Israel, promoted vegetarianism.

    Certainly easiest way to be Kosher. And if one followed Jewish law, people would eat less unhealthy meat since requirements of how to treat animals would up the price.

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