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Height and Weight and ALL medical history is no longer relevant for Health Insurance under Obamacare, it’s all guaranteed issue, with no pre-existing conditions §2701.  Other types of Insurance, like Life, Disability and Long Term care may still ask for medical history and pre-existing conditions.

Under Preventative and Wellness benefits, President Obama promised that we would have better results from our health insurance expenditures, so PLEASE take advantage of them. 

3d BMI Calculator
3d BMI Calculator

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croatia.bmi 8 page professional paper

Canadian Study on Weight Guidelines 2002 24 page pdf

healthy weight forum.org healthy weight forum.org — BMI Visual Graph, calculators, articles, diet reviews BMI Calculator Web MD Link between weight & household debt 44 page treatise  We find a strong positive correlation between debt and weight for women but this seems driven largely by unobservables. In contrast, men with trouble paying their bills are thinner and this is robust to various specification checks.

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    • According to the BMI calculator on Health Weight Forum you are border line. PLEASE read their disclaimers and BMI shortcomings and of course, all websites are educational only. See your own medical or mental health professional!

      We have also updated and edited some of the pages on this website. This way our visitors will have better tools and research information to help determine their ideal weight.

  1. ​Dear Sirs,

    I am currently finishing up a book regarding fitness at age 40,50,60 and up, to be sold initially in the US market as a published/printed work, and later on as an eBook (which is just an electronic form of the printed version).

    The book covers overweight issues, and how to determine if the reader is in fact overweight. The book then goes on to talk about both strength machines and cardio exercises (how to perform them), diets (what to eat and what to not eat) and then supplements (and their use).

    The book also includes tips on “walking” at least 20 minutes on days not working out.

    I would like to include an image (BMI Visual Graph) found at your web page:


    Can you please put me in touch (email) with the right person?

    Very truly yours,

    Frank Kelemen, Engineer, MsCS, MBA

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