Nutrition & Weight Control

Nutrition & Weight Control


HMR Calorie Chart Height & Weight Chart from healthy weight


Choose My NEW USDA Food Plate (WebMD) 8 1/2 x 11 Printable

Note that Health Care Reform – MANDATES Chain Restaurants to provide calories on the Menu. Deadline Extended 7.10.2015 CA Health Line 2014 Updates Page 455 Section 4205 HR 3590

Bariatric Surgery doesn’t lower Health Care Costs Reuters

Emotional Eating ace

Avoid Loud Music in Bar’s and Restaurants

Activity Pyramid

Try this so your host or the waiter knows your full
Try this so your host or the waiter knows your full
Height & Weight Chart
Height & Weight Chart
BMI – Height & Weight Chart

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Healthy Eating & Diet (Web MD)

Food Frauds that can wreck your Diet (WebMD)

Fast Food Choices Table of Condiments Healthy Refrigerator The Sweet Truth About Food and Diabetes Nutrition Quiz

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Food & Nutrition Calculators

The online dietary assessment provides information on your diet quality, related nutrition messages, and links to nutrient information. After providing a day’s worth of dietary information, you will receive an overall evaluation by comparing the amounts of food you ate to current nutritional guidance. To give you a better understanding of your diet over time, you can track what you eat up to a year.

Dessert Wizard

Calorie Counter

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Breakfast Calculator

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Supreme Court Ruling – Nutrition labels will be more accurate and easier to read Food and beverage companies can be sued for false advertising if they put labels on products that would “mislead and trick consumers,” Until Thursday, many judges and food-industry lawyers maintained that sellers of beverages and food products could not be sued for false advertising so long as the product’s label accurately disclosed the ingredients in small print, as required by the Food and Drug Administration. Lanham Act. It forbids using “false or misleading descriptions” to sell a product

What type of stool is the healthiest?

LA Health Officials Launch Campaign To Combat Obesity

As part of “Healthy Eating Out,” restaurants across the county will offer smaller portions to help fight the obesity epidemic. The organizers would like to grow the participating list of restaurants from 700, many of which are Subways, to 30,000. In other news, restaurants’ health inspections are falling behind because of a shortage of inspectors.

The Los Angeles Daily News: Why Food Portions Matter For Children’s Health In L.A. County
More than 700 restaurants across Los Angeles County have pledged to curb adult and childhood obesity by offering smaller portion sizes and healthier meals on their menus as part of a public health campaign, officials announced Thursday. (Abram, 2/11) Los Angeles Times: L.A. County Health Officials Want You To Eat Smaller Portions At Restaurants
Now, in another attempt to reduce obesity rates, the Los Angeles County Public Health department is launching an advertising campaign to encourage parents and their kids to choose smaller portions and healthier foods the next time they eat out. Though California has the fifth-lowest adult obesity rate in the nation, it has the highest obesity rate among low-income kids ages 2 to 4, with nearly 17% who are obese. Approximately 15% of all California kids are obese, according to national data. (Karlamangla, 2/11) The San Francisco Business Times: San Francisco’s Restaurant Labor Woes Extend To Shortage Of Health Inspectors
The growing number of restaurants, cafes and food trucks in San Francisco presents a labor challenge not just to the business owners in charge of staffing them. There aren’t enough health inspectors to conduct the routine inspections required by the city, industry leaders say. A search of the restaurant database on the San Francisco Health Department web site shows restaurants often have gone well over a year between inspections. (Sciacca, 2/11)



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